Full Property Management

Full Property Management - We Do ALL The Work For You!

  • Meet and Do Walk Through Inspection with ownerProperty Management
  • Advertise the Property
  • Put Sign on Property
  • Set Appointment and Show the Property
  • Process Applications
  • Pre-screen Prospects
  • Check Credit
  • Check References
  • Do Background Checks
  • Income Verification
  • Research Previous Rental History
  • Prepare the Leases and Other Documents
  • Hold Security Deposit in a Trust Account
  • Collect the Monthly Rent
  • Work with HOA's
  • Take Maintenance Calls
  • Handle Repairs
  • Perform a 3 Month Walk Through
  • Electronic Deposits to Your Account
  • Handle All tenant Owner Notices For Non Payment of Rent, Evictions, etc.
  • Repare Monthly and Yearly Tax Reports

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