Foreclosures in Prescott Area

Banks Want To Sell Foreclosures Quickly

Foreclosure Homes in Prescott Valley ArizonaSmart real estate investors are purchasing foreclosures in the Prescott area with the help of our experienced agents. A foreclosure or REO (Real Estate Owned) property is owned by the lender because the homeowner defaulted on the mortgage and the home was not purchased at the Trustee’s sale. Banks and other institutions don’t want to hold on to and maintain these properties, because they are losing money. They are looking to sell these properties quickly to recoup the money that was owed on the mortgage.

Purchasing foreclosures in the Prescott area offer buyers the opportunity to own a home for substantially less than the market value. Our professionals can work with any budget to locate REO properties that make great investments and allow renters and first time buyers to move into a home of their own.

  • Our agents are knowledgeable about the foreclosure process in Arizona, and are ready to assist buyers. 
  • We start by identifying foreclosures in Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, Mayer, Prescott or Phoenix on the MLS for our clients.
  • The reality of the foreclosure purchase process is that the lienholder is in control, and buyers need experienced representation to successfully negotiate the deal.
USA Real Estate and Property Management’s team of Realtors will walk buyers through the process, using their knowledge and specialized negotiation skills to put the keys to valuable property in our clients’ hands.

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