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Posts for July 2017

  • New Homes For Sale in Prescott Area on Acreages by USA Real Estate
    07/28/2017... Below is a current list of homes built within the past year in the Prescott Area. This list of homes are on a minimum of 2 acres. You not only get a beautiful new home - you get an acreage as well. For more information on these homes, or other homes for sale in the Prescott area, give the USA Real Estate Team a call at 928-775-0400.
  • Which Water Heater Saves The Most . . . Gas or Electric? by USA Real Estate
    07/20/2017... Nearly one-fifth of our monthly utilities are spent on heating water. Taking a shower uses the most, an average of ten gallons per shower. Next is the washing machine, which uses about seven gallons of hot water per load. The dishwasher is third, using around six gallons per load. So what is the most economical way to heat all that water? Is it a gas water heater or an electric model?
  • Price For National Park Passes Increasing - Purchase Now! by USA Real Estate
    07/13/2017... The US has generously given its senior citizens a gift! Individuals over 62 years of age have the option to purchase a lifetime pass which allows them lifetime entrance to more than the 2,000 recreation sites managed by six different federal agencies:
  • Things To Do In Prescott by USA Real Estate
    07/07/2017... Prescott, Arizona, located in Yavapai County, is a breathtaking town filled with beauty and charming history. This friendly town sits at an elevation of 5,400 feet with approximately 43,000 people calling it home. Prescott was officially named "Arizona's Christmas City" by Governor Rose Mofford. Most people refer to Prescott as "Everybody's Hometown".