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Posts for May 2019

  • Great Info Video About Prescott Valley! by USA Real Estate
    05/15/2019... As real estate professionals, we search high and low to find material to give to our clients that will help them know more about our town. Score! We came across this video about Prescott Valley and all that it has to offer.
  • Want a New Home? Consider Granville! by USA Real Estate
    05/08/2019... Located at the trailhead of the Iron King Trail is Granville, a booming subdivision in Prescott Valley, Arizona. Granville offers the lifestyle you are looking for with prices you can afford.
  • Answers for first-time home buyers by USA Real Estate
    05/01/2019... Okay, first-time buyers… it’s time to turn the dream into the dirt you can stand on. Your very own home. I’m sure you have questions. In fact, I’m sure your questions are like most first-time buyers. Which is why I’ve put together this down-and-dirty answer guide for the most common questions home buyers have.