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Posts for March 2019

  • How Much Equity Do You Have in Your Home? by USA Real Estate
    03/27/2019... If someone asked you how much equity you have in your home right now, could you answer them? Understanding your home’s equity is an important part of judging your overall financial health. Here’s a brief guide to determining your equity position in your home.
  • We LOVE Chino Valley! by USA Real Estate
    03/20/2019... . Chino Valley offers a rural lifestyle with numerous options for family entertainment – with shopping and dining only a few minutes away in Prescott or Prescott Valley.
  • Before You Buy a Flipped Property by USA Real Estate
    03/13/2019... A flipped or rehabbed home often attracts the eye of buyers. Everything looks so new! But you need to be aware of what might be lurking underneath.
  • Prescott Arts and Crafts Festivals by USA Real Estate
    03/06/2019... It is almost festival time in downtown Prescott. For years, the historic downtown courthouse in Prescott, Arizona, has been home to Arts and Crafts festivals that bring vendors from all across the country.