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Posts for December 2016

  • New Year’s Fun Facts by USA Real Estate
    12/29/2016... New Year’s is a great time to gather with friends and family to celebrate the upcoming year, as well as make resolutions to break bad habits or start good ones. How much do you about the first holiday of the year? Below are some fun facts about New Year’s.
  • When Was The First Christmas Tree Placed in Prescott? by USA Real Estate
    12/22/2016... . In 1916, the first municipal Christmas tree was erected in the courthouse plaza. The town leaders decided at the meeting of the Prescott Chamber of Commerce on December 18, 1916 the tree would be placed in the new Courthouse plaza and declared there were to be “lights, decorations, candy, toys and charity baskets for every worthy, poor family in the city.”
  • The Color of Walls Effects Selling Price Of Homes by USA Real Estate
    12/16/2016... When it comes to selling a home, there are some ‘Don’t Do’ items that can decrease the value of your home. These simple items can prevent many individuals from becoming potential buyers or cause them to offer less for your home. One of these value altering items is the color of your walls. Granted, most walls can be painted, but many potential buyers have a tough time visioning the room in a different color.
  • Government Grants For Home Ownership by USA Real Estate
    12/08/2016... Government Grants are currently available to help you make the dream of home ownership a reality.
  • Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas by USA Real Estate
    12/02/2016... Christmas is a great time to make homemade gifts for the special people on your Christmas list. Below are a few ideas for quick gifts that will make a hit this gift-giving season.