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Posts for January 2019

  • How to Make Your Home Baby-Friendly by USA Real Estate
    01/30/2019... You may not have kids of your own yet, but if you have people visiting your home for any extended period of time, you’ll want to make sure to do your best to baby-proof your space. Here’s how to shore up the biggest risks.
  • 3 Things Buyers Forget to Check During a Home Search by USA Real Estate
    01/24/2019... Think you’ve found the perfect home? Think again. There are three little details which can turn an ideal house into the world’s most annoying location. Before you make your offer, take into account these three small, but surprisingly important detail.
  • Learn To Garden in Prescott by USA Real Estate
    01/18/2019... Gardening is something that we love to pay attention to. We love it for our personal homes, but we also love to know about gardening in our area to help our real estate clients prepare the outside of their home for sale.
  • What’s a Walkability Score? by USA Real Estate
    01/10/2019... More and more interactive home search maps will feature the “walkability score” of a particular neighborhood or home. Have you ever wondered what that really means?
  • Can AirBnB Be Useful for Selling Your House? by USA Real Estate
    01/04/2019... Doesn’t it seem strange that people buy houses without actually living in them a little first? There’s a new trend emerging in which some sellers are listing their house on AirBnB while they’re looking to sell. Is this a good idea?