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Posts for January 2017

  • Preparing Your Home For Sale by USA Real Estate
    01/20/2017... “Time is Money” when it comes to selling a house. Many times the longer the house is on the market, the more significant the financial impact. In addition to the marketing strategies a professional realtor implements to help the house sell faster, there are things a home owner can do their home to decrease the amount of time the house is on the market.
  • What is the Life Expectancy of Appliances in Your Home? by USA Real Estate
    01/13/2017... When buying a home there are numerous things to consider . . . location, price, floorplans, and condition of the home. In addition to considering the structural condition, it is important to consider the age of the systems and appliances in the home.
  • Keep Your House Safe From Burglars by USA Real Estate
    01/06/2017... Allowing strangers into their home for a public showing creates a vulnerable situation for sellers. When homeowners open their doors to potential buyers, they need to take extra precautions to keep their home and belongings safe. Simple steps such as knowing your neighbors, adding dusk to dawn lights, and making the home look occupied can keep your house safe from burglars.