Why People Love Prescott Valley, AZ

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Prescott Valley Arizona

Prescott Valley, Arizona, is a family-oriented community that sits at an elevation of 5,000 feet and is located 85 miles north of Phoenix and roughly 60 miles southwest of beautiful Sedona, Arizona.

Strong in economic development, the community continues to attract retailers and restaurants such as Kohl’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, T.J. Maxx, Sprouts, Culvers, Chick-fil-A, Buffalo Wild Wings and a host of independent food and shopping choices.  
There are no shortage of places to spend your leisure time at Fain Park, Mountain Valley Splash Pool and special events such as Prescott Valley Days, Balloon Glow or the Christmas Valley of Lights twinkling joyfully for kids of all ages. 
Many people have chosen to buy homes and relocate here because of its strong work ethic, solid educational system, the strong family values. 

Below is a graphic from AZHomeTownLocator.com that gives a helpful glimpse into Prescott Valley.  All we know, we love having our USA Real Estate office in Prescott Valley.  Great people, great weather, and tons to do!

Prescott Valley Statistics



Gold in Prescott Valley:  The Walker party discovered gold along Lynx Creek in 1863. The Lynx Creek placers went on to produce a recorded 29,000 troy ounces of gold. Estimates of actual production range up to 80,000 troy ounces, which would be worth about $85 million at today’s prices.  In the 1930s, there was a gold dredging operation, the Doodle Bug Diggings, farther east in Lynx Creek Canyon

Name Change:  Prescott Valley was formerly known as Lonesome Valley.  The area was settled by ranchers in the 1880s, raising beef to supply the miners and new settlers. The Fain family, pioneer ranchers, still ranch in the valley.

Fain Park:  Thomas Gibson Barlow-Massicks arrived in the area in the early 1890s and built the historic "castle" that still stands in Fain Park. Massicks had a hydraulic gold mining operation in Lynx Creek Canyon and built the company mining camp of Massicks, Arizona just east of his Victorian home, the Castle. The fireplace with chimney just inside the Castle's fence is all that remains of the Massicks store.

Incorporation:  In the mid-1960s, a real-estate company from Phoenix, purchased land in an area 10 miles east of Prescott known as Lonesome Valley. In 1966, representatives from Prescott Valley Inc. began traveling to the Midwest to sell home lots. By 1978, more than 1,500 residents were living in the unincorporated area now known as Prescott Valley. In 1978, 80% of the voters of Prescott Valley voted for incorporation as a town.


The USA Real Estate team is proud to call Prescott Valley their home.  They have over 30 years of experience in the Real Estate industry and enjoy any chance they get to tell people about wonderful qualities of Prescott Valley.  If you have questions about Prescott Valley Real Estate, contact the team a call at 928-775-0400.

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