Rentals are disappearing – Time To Stop Renting

By USA Real Estate
Family buys a homeThe Prescott area real estate market is ever changing. This changing market is good news for sellers but may be bad news for renters. The real estate market is coming back and values are increasing, which is obviously the good news. On the other hand, the increased prices and potential profits are prompting many owners of rentals to sell their property, which creates the bad news. The sales of the rental properties are decreasing the quantity of rentals available and forcing renters to find new homes to rent.

This creates a two-fold problem. Renters have fewer inventories to select from and the shortage of rentals is causing rental prices to increase. Luckily, this is where we can go back to the Good News. Renters can stop renting and buy a home. The fear of not knowing how to buy a home as well as the fear of not having enough money for a down payment is put to rest by USA Real Estate and Property Management. The USA team assists clients every step of the way in how to buy a home. Better yet, they have numerous government grant programs that can provide renters with up to $15,000 toward the purchase of a home.

GOOD NEWS: Home ownership is possible at USA Real Estate. Call today and get on the path to home ownership … (928) 775-0400