Protect Your Pets During 4th of July

By USA Real Estate
Protect Pets During July 4th4th of July is one of USA Real Estate’s favorite time of year.  The USA team loves to celebrate the holiday and take a moment to honor the great United States of America. 
During the 4th of July festivities, it is important to remember the members of your family of the four legged variety. 
The Yavapai Humane Society experiences a significant increase in the number of lost and injured pets during the 4th of July.  Pets don’t view the fireworks to be as spectacular as humans. . . to pets, fireworks are loud and scary.
The Prescott Daily Courier wrote a fabulous article on this topic last year, but the advice still holds true … Take care of your pets during the 4th of July.   Daily Courier Article
Some of the tips include:
•           Keep your pets indoors during fireworks
•           If you are going to be on vacation, board your pets with family or friends to keep them safe and confined
•           Make sure your pet is licensed and/or has a microchip.

The USA Real Estate team cares about their clients as well as their four legged friends.

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