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Prescott Airport

Did You Know?

Amelia Earhart completed her trans-continental flight on August  25, 1932.  It is mind boggling the advancements that have occurred in the past 84 years!

Prescott Municipal Airport

We are incredibly fortunate to have our own local airport in Prescott Arizona,  The Prescott Municipal Airport.  The Airport is located just north of Highway 89A off Highway 89 at 6500 MacCurdy Drive, Prescott.  On July 4, 1926 the Yavapai County Chamber of Commerce opened the airstrip that was built by volunteers and pilots.  The Prescott Airport website has notes from 1940 stating that in 1940 “Prescott and Nogales had their lumpy grass runways changed to smooth pavement”. 
The airport currently has air service provided by Great Lakes Airlines providing flights to and from Los Angeles, CA and Phoenix.  In addition to the airport being available for commercial flight, the airport is instrumental during Fire Season providing the services necessary to protect Prescott. 

In The News

On June 27, 2016 Embry-Riddle participated in the Air Race Classic, a race that has been happening for 40 years where women participate in a cross country race to Daytona Beach, Florida.  The Daytona Embry Riddle team won the competition!

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The USA Real Estate staff loves all that Prescott has to offer.  If you want information everything that Prescott has to offer, give them a call at 928-775-0400.  The USA team will use their over 30 years of experience in the real estate industry to help you find that perfect home!  You will love the USA Real Estate Team!

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