The Color of Walls Effects Selling Price Of Homes

By USA Real Estate
Wall Color Effects Sales Price of Homes

Sometimes it is easier to start the learning process with ‘Not What to Do’ and then transition to ‘How To Do’ a particular task.

When it comes to selling a home, there are some ‘Don’t Do’ items that can decrease the value of your home.  These simple items can prevent many individuals from becoming potential buyers or cause them to offer less for your home.  One of these value altering items is the color of your walls.  Granted, most walls can be painted, but many potential buyers have a tough time visioning the room in a different color.

Here is a helpful story from that lists the ‘4 Colors That Decrease The Value of Your Home’.  The story doesn’t end with only the ‘Don’ts’, it goes on to reveal what colors add the more value to your home.  What is your guess for the best and worst colors to paint your home?

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